50% of reduction of weight and size (of insulation part).
As a flame resistant, the chanches of fire risks are canceled.
Can be used in every hard condition.



The electrical demands placed on wiring in automotive/aerospace applications continue to push more. With the presence of corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and friction, durable wiring is relied on for a growing list of applications including air conditioning systems, navigation, power steering battery applications and heated seats. With micro-miniature e-PTFE coated automotive wires, automotive manufacturers would be able to continually innovate with wiring that meets their exact performance specifications, regardless how limited they may be on space.



Our new e-PTFE’s physiological and biological harmlessness would enable wide application in the medical industry, not only for filtration but also to manufacture prothesis replacement for blood/heart vessels, heart valves, storage reservoirs for blood/serum and drug wrapping.



The Petro-chemical industry needs to protect important instrumentation from extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals and pressure. Fortunately, the low footprint and outstanding qualities of our E-PTFE in ProPApp will address this sector’s complex wiring needs for drilling operations and instrumentation in even the toughest conditions. On top of insulation, e-PTFE(pure and/or loaded) coated wires also provide essential protection against the gas diffusion, pressure, and corrosion typically encountered in down-hole drilling.



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