On this page you can see the full range of single twist machines from bobbin diameter 400 up to the diameter 1600 DIN 46395.
All the machines are haul-off and able to laying up together insulated wire or non-ferrous alloys strands such as copper or aluminum. The management of production parameters can be handled easily by the touch screen panel that controls the machine.

In addition to classic single twist machines we have developed a special and innovative machine called MT-BIT designed to maximize the production performance of a classic single twist, while maintaining high product quality, against its performance standard that the market offers. The crucial point in the production of small strands for quality jobs is that the yield of a standard machine deviates widely from that of most commercial wires production.
Our machine offers itself as a bridge between the needs of lower production costs, increasing the versatility of the machine and maintaining high quality assurance.

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