The line for e-PTFE tapes and film will offer the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective production of expanded PTFE (about 15€/kg instead of the usual 35-50€/kg for materials with similar properties) thanks to the better ratio weight/volume
  • Lightweight version of PTFE maintaining its high thermal, electrical & mechanical properties while reducing its density (50% material savings).
  • Optimal performances for “high range” electrical and power cables applications (high temperature and harsh conditions).

ProPApp will provide an innovative process, fully monitored, continuously integrating the main operations to produce and transform 100% bi-oriented expanded PTFE – preform compression, profile extrusion, evaporation of the lubricant, stretching and sintering.

OUR NEW PASTE EXTRUDER SYSTEM, steadily fed by compressed preform, will extrude the PTFE following a complex series of inner profiles, generating a cycle of compression-relaxation, thus producing a final PTFE profile which is thinner (0.01-0.03mm) and 100% bi-axial by a special extrusion head.

Main advantages:

  • Simplification of the process (Time & Cost wise) as we can directly extrude 10” (250mm)
  • Production of isotropic molecular structure that can withstand stresses without tearing.
  • Simplification of the subsequent stretching and sintering attributed to the isotropic structure of the initial PTFE.

ProPApp offers a fully integrated and optimized industrial process for e-PTFE production, drastically increasing the process efficiency – up to 75% reduction in processing time, up to 20% reduction in power consumption, 50% reduction in maintenance costs for machinery – while providing a high value material – 50% less raw material, [-60°C;+300°C] operating range, superior dielectric properties (>65kV/mm), corrosion resistance.

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